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Nothing is more vital to an organization then making sure that its employees, products, operations and assets are safe and secure! The added benefits with having a controlled office or facility quickly outweigh the cost of product, software and installation.

Rottweiler controlled access systems prevent and protect against unwanted entry, theft, and operational disruptions. A controlled system provides a quick ability to determine who gained access to a specific area during and after an event in seconds. You even have the ability to audit the access taken. Controlling facility guests, vendors and employees from entering restricted areas, where they do not belong, is just the start of the added benefits and intelligence of your Keyscan access system.

Access control provides control over facilities that traditional keys cannot. With the ability to lock and unlock doors from virtually anywhere, or allow access only during specified times you never have to guess who is in your facility. There are thousands of possible configurations for any system and you can pick and choose features to create an access control system that is customized to your needs and solve your most demanding challenges.

When we started in the 1980's technology did not offer the host of products that it does today, but in the early years we implemented many of the products that are now a common part of the business world. We have stayed current with different technologies to offer companies a host of services that guard and protect your business.

For over 30 years we have serviced the greater Atlanta area. We continue to provide knowledgable insight into the installation and deployment of top quality card access systems. These systems include, but are not limited to: Keyscan, Kantech, and others. Our controlled access systems can provide decision makers with real-time business intelligence.

We are comitted to a unified solution. We have experience installing surveillance systems, controlled access systems, and monitored alarm systems. Our knowledge of all of these systems can be leveraged to create a highly functional, easy-to-use, and secure business environment. Since technology is always evolving, it helps to have knowledgable professionals to consult.

The Problem With Keys
The Problem with Keys

Keys cannot track people who are accessing your building nor the time, and, when keys go missing, replacing or re-pinning locks can be extremely expensive.

The First Step to Access Control
The First Step

Identify the areas of access, number of system users and administrators, type of access devices, and the scope of the controlled access system.

A Robust System
A Robust System

We can design a robust access control system that will fit your needs now and in the future. We can integrate a controlled access system into an existing security platform.


Our company delivers real-time business intelligence for key decision makers!

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News & events

Keyscan K-PROX3 Proximity Reader

Kaba Electronic Access Control has announced the launch of their newest proximity reader, the K-PROX3, and the host of features that will accompany the new technology. Features include a "heartbeat" detector that will trigger an alarm condition if the wiring is defective, tampered with, or damaged. An audible "door-held-open" alert will ensure that your doors are secured, even during business hours. K-PROX3 has a limited lifetime warranty, a sleek and modern finish, and unsurpassed performance and dependability. This reader is affordable and robust. It is intended to increase the performance of any Keyscan system. The announcement of the K-PROX3 included the release of an update for Aurora Access Control Management software and Kaba E-Plex® wireless locks.


Tyco Security Unveils Hattrix Five Diamond Program

Hosted or managed access control systems can be an awesome solution for small businesses that still want the advantages of an integrated access control system. Kantech announced their Five Diamond Program as a way to access the highest level of cloud-based infrastructure. "The Five Diamond Program is designed to ensure that the highest security standards in the industry are instituted by our managed service providers for their cloud-based access control customers," said Homer Enriquez, National Sales Manager – Kantech, Tyco Security Products. "This program demonstrates our commitment to setting the standard for our industry. With the rigorous security requirements our alliances must meet, end users gain access to the most secure, cutting-edge technology available in the market today."


Kantech EntraPass 6.05

Kantech's EntraPass version 6.05 uses LDAP protocol to import & synchronize Active Directory users with EntraPass operators. This eliminates the need to manually input users. "With each new version of EntraPass, this software platform and its related Web client and intuitive mobile app bring a heightened level of functionality to security managers so everyday tasks become easier to perform and critical situations can garner their fullest attention," said Rajeev Dubey senior product manager, Tyco Security Products. New features for surveillance integration include PTZ or Pan, Title, and Zoom functionality for bullet cameras. Dome cameras have a virtual "joystick" functionality that provides a similar viewing experience. Tap-and-control features have been integrated with the EntraPass Go mobile app.


Keyscan Systems

Active Mapping & Integrated Floor Plans

The video to the left shows Keyscan Aurora's ingrated interface. The intelligence that can be derived from Aurora will assure business owners that their assets are secure.

Features include:

  • Flexability - Aurora can accomodate a single access point or thousands
  • Cost Savings - No annual licensing for software
  • Up to 90,000 Credentials - Ability to assign multiple credentials to a single user
  • Intuitive User Interface - Increase efficency and save time with easy-to-use controls
  • Integrated Solutions - Able to be fully integrated with DSC, Milestone, Avigilon, & Exacq
  • Specialized functions - facility lock down, disaster recovery, graphical schedule creation
  • Certified Keyscan Installer On Staff
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Kantech Systems

Access Control Solutions

The video to the right shows a brief introduction to Kantech's access control solutions. Kantech has been a leader in controlled access solutions since its founding in 1986.

Solutions available:

  • EntraPass Security Software - Offers a superior experience, is secure, & efficent
  • EntraPass Go Mobile App - Allows key users to interact with EntraPass remotely
  • Locks & Door Strikes - Durable electromagnetic locks with alarm systems to detect attempted tampering
  • Door Controllers - Prevents unauthorized personnel from entering restricted areas
  • Telephone Entry Systems - Allows visitors to dial an extension and request access to site
  • Multi-Technology Readers - Reads 12 different types of proximety cards and contactless smart cards
  • KeyPads - Vandal-resistant, stainless steel keypads restrict access to sensitive areas via user codes.
  • Certified Kantech Installer On Staff
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ESI Systems

Phone, Timecard, & Access Control

ESI has been providing intuitive and easy-to-use solutions for customers for over 27 years. They have deployed 350,000 on-premise and cloud-based systems. ESI offers a broad range of soltuions, flexible packages, and features. With ESI Presence Management managers are able to integrate a card access, payroll tracking, and telephone system into one unified solution.

Why an ESI solution might work for you:

  • Proven Experience: 27 years, 350,000 systems, 3 million minutes, and strong local support
  • The Power of Choice: cloud PBX, on-premise, and mixed systems; role-based user pacakages, no unecessary features, and mobile applications
  • Simple and Intuitive: simple, easy-to-use features, simple phone programming, one-touch tech support
  • Superior Technical Support: US-based support, local support, one-touch assistance, direct access to ESI technical support
  • Uniquely integrated: real-time view of communications, simple installation, compatable with digital and IT phones

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Business solutions designed for integrated, reliable, & secure systems.

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There are multiple award-winning controlled access systems including card and biometric solutions.

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Many systems have intuitive control panels and some have launched mobile apps that make things even easier.

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